Bespoke Smoke BBQ
Pits Built For Your Life, For Life
Guelph, ON, Canada
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Bespoke Smoke BBQ

We are foodies. We are creators. We want better.

"Join us on this journey, designing and building your custom, individually numbered, bespoke pit. We will work with you through every step, from initial consultation, layout, choices of options, and post-purchase care, because we want you to be absolutely satisfied with your cooker." 

We're Shutting Things Down For A While...


It has been a really trying time this year and we're just going to have to take a break. We may have an update on our situation sometime closer to December, so be sure to check back later.

Thank You For Your Support, 

Collin Neale


TRUE STORYMay 27, 2019

Ready To Ship - May 12, 2019