Bespoke Smoke BBQ
Pits Built For Your Life, For Life
Guelph, ON, Canada
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We are foodies.   We are creators.   We want better.


Bespoke solutions for your back yard, your cottage, wherever and whenever you wish to cook high quality barbecue. We work with you to customize the options you want and need, whether that be a straight-forward, traditional offset smoker or an electronic, temperature-controlled smoker with all your required bells and whistles.

From a 20 gallon tailgate cooker to a 500 gallon trailer mounted behemoth, one thing is for certain, each pit will be built to last a lifetime, with a limited lifetime warranty, personal series number and nameplate.

Not to mention, the Bespoke Smoke love built into each.


Built with the same care and attention to detail for the customer who wants a pit that really cooks, without the need for customization.

All built on the same offset design, offered in 60 gallon, 80 gallon and 140 gallon configurations. All built with 1/4" mild steel construction, fully welded and handcrafted in Canada.

Standard features include 1 Tel-Tru thermometer (2 on the 140 gallon), dual racks, high-heat paint, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Please | contact us | for inquiries about our stock or soon-to-be built pits.


Fully insulated, commercial cookers. 

PID-controlled for minimal supervision and maximum efficiency.

Please | contact us  |for your needs, whether it be mobile catering or an in-house, wood-burning smoker.