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True Story

We are foodies.   We are creators.   We want better.

True Story

When we aren’t building pits, we’re cooking in them. If you’re looking for a quick cook but still incredible flavour we highly recommend beef back ribs. Simple, but incredibly delicious. Follow along to see how we do them.
Step 1 - Trim any pieces off that may burn up and pull the membrane on the back side of the ribs. Season with your favourite rub. Avoid sugary rubs; they can glaze over and block the smoke. We used a simple 1/3 kosher salt, 2/3 coarse black pepper.

Step 2 - Build a 🔥, clean-burning, with a healthy bed of coals using your favourite wood and look for that clear blue smoke. You are shooting for an even 275 degrees across the cook chamber. We run primarily oak around here and it’s what we would recommend.

Step 3 - Ribs on, meat side up, no water pan is needed. Cook for three hours, test the meat between the bones with a skewer. If it slides in easy, like into room temp butter, they’re done. Wrap in unwaxed butcher paper and let rest 1/2 hour.

Step 4 - Slice them up and enjoy them with your favourite sides and your favourite beverage 🍺 - You’ve worked hard, reward yourself.

If you too, long for amazing barbecue like this, | contact us | to find out how we can build your dream pit.